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Brainwave Entrainment Music With Affirmations To

Maintain A Healthy Inner-Verse
Increase Energy & Focus 
Improve Memory
Sleep Better 
Reduce Anxiety & Depression
Imprint a Positive Mindset 
Relax Deeply 
Improve Self-Esteem
Shift Your Perspective 
Align With Your Purpose 

Author, Coach and Brainwave Entrainment Musician 
Amy McTear
Brainwave entrainment alone is very effective and healthy for the brain. When combined with music, affirmations and other self-development tools, the results are phenomenal! 

Amy's recordings combine exotic world instruments, inspirational vocals, nature sounds, hypnosis and affirmations, isochronic tones and binaural beats. Each session includes a motivational teaching targeting a different area of personal growth. 

Effective and beautiful, high-quality, professionally recorded tracks designed to be used daily to support you in achieving your most fulfilling and potent life. 

Each month, you'll receive :
  • A 30-min brainwave entrainment track with a specific theme
  • A PDF with teaching, track information, uses and benefits
  • A bonus track of your choice from Amy's Entrainment Library
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